Main Applications: produced water, refinery ballast water, gypsum dewatering, FGD systems, chemicals, mining, food & beverage, minerals and metal treatment, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The after-sales service guarantees real time technical support, original spare parts and reliable on-site assistance. Maintenance programs are developed together with the Customers ensuring operational continuity and safety for the plant.

  1. Oily Water Separation:

    • API Separators
    • CPI Separators - Corrugated plate interceptors
    • Static Mixers for Oily-Water separation - AF, IGF: impellers and injectors
    • Nut Shell Filters
  2. Solid Liquid Separation

    • Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters -With several cake discharge devices
    • Pressure Filters - Horizontal Pressure Filter, Vertical Pressure Filter, Candle Pressure Filter
    • Horizontal Vacuum Filters - Belt and cloth type