SATCO is a manufacturing and engineering company in South Korea, established in 1999, specialized and experienced in the field of Forging and Equipment for Power, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refinery, Oil & gas and Environmental plant. SATCO supplies all kinds of Forgings and Flanges from its own workshop as well as special agreements with Korean Tube Sheet Drilling Makers to supply special products to its customers including steel plates and elliptical heads.

  1. Forging Products

    • Standard: Various types of Flanges
    • Ship Building and Marine: Rods, Shafts, Pins, Covers, Stocks and Shafts
    • Power & Petro-Chemical: Sheets, Shells, Flanges, Shafts, Covers, Necks, Pipes, and Diaphragms
    • Machinery & Special Parts: Wheels, Rings, Rings wheels, and Trunnions
  2. Tubes & Piping: Different Sizes, lengths, conditions and standards

    • Stainless Steel Seamless
    • Stainless Steel Welded
    • Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel Seamless
    • Steel Heads
  3. Trading

    • Elliptical Heads
    • Steel Plates