One of Italy’s best-stocked warehouses with over 55,000 items, all electronically coded to guarantee constant product traceability, as well as automatic re-stocking, ensuring a complete assortment of materials as always available for various sectors: from industrial plants to petrochemical, food to chemical/pharmaceutical, furnishings to nautical and paper, accident prevention to fire-fighting. Pantalone Ltd srl guarantees fast delivery of materials, and can supply 100% of items required in industrial and civilian plants.

  1. Products:

    • Flanges
    • Accessories for flanges
    • Pipe fittings BW
    • Forged fittings SW-THD-BW
    • The O-ring fittings and related pipes
    • Pipes
    • Stainless steel frames and sheet
    • Metal treatment
    • General Commodity Valves
    • Accessories
    • Fittings for fuel and GPL
    • Pressure regulators and insulating joints
    • Fixing articles
    • Instruments
    • Cast iron fittings
    • Polyetilene pipes and fittings
    • Fire prevention
    • Threaded stainless steel fittings
    • Stainless fittings chemical-food plants
    • Flue fittings and pipes
    • Sailing articles in stainless steel
    • Stainless modular systems for furnishing
    • Insulation and heat conservation
    • Safety and shipbuilding
    • Articles for welding