Cortec® Middle East is the regional office for Cortec® Corporation, the leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly corrosion inhibitors providing effective solutions for corrosion challenges across most industries. Operating throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Cortec® Middle East taps into the expertise of a team of highly qualified engineers and a wide portfolio of developed solutions. From a humble beginning in a small garage in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, Cortec® Corporation have grown into the world's leader in corrosion protection technology with the manufacture, distribution and application of anti-corrosion products and systems based on the revolutionary vapor phase corrosion inhibition technology. Industries talk about the Corrosion management plan all the time. An effective long term plan helps in prolonging the life cycle of assets and equipment whereas at the same time decreasing the costs of corrosion control measures. Any good company has a robust long-term detailed plan in place which includes planning, implementation, and responsibilities.

  1. Specialized in:

    • Idle Asset Preservation(Above Ground Storage Tanks, Turbines, Compressors, Generator, etc.).
    • MCI®(Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor)
    • Turnkey Corrosion Control.
    • Soft and Hard Coatings.
    • Thin Film Inhibitors.
    • CP Mitigation Engineering.
    • Hydro-testing Additives
    • Paint/Rust/Oxide/Grease Removers.