American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL) along with Oil Stop Spill Response are a full service environmental remediation companies and contractors that specialize in inland, nearshore, and offshore emergency response and hazardous waste remediation. They has been a leading global provider and manufacturer of innovative products designed specifically for oil spill response and pollution control. Oil Stop has delivered its manufactured products to 41 countries.  Some projects required specific designs, or combinations of products, in which Oil Stop specializes.  Oil Stop provides AMPOL with the distinct advantage as an environmental contractor with its own pollution control manufacturing arm.

  1. Oil Stop has a GSA (United States General Services Administration) contract for its products

    • Inflatable Containment Booms
    • Auto Booms
    • Fast Sweep
    • Collapsible Containers
    • Fence Booms
    • Floating Nets
    • Inflation Blowers & Power Packs
    • Boom Reels
    • Spill Cure
    • Rapid Pack
    • Flood Stop
    • Fast Erect Pools
    • Towable Bladders
    • Pillow Tanks
    • Decontamination Pools
    • Open Top Reservoirs
    • Silt Curtains & Baffles
    • Oil Skimmers
    • Submerged Oil Recovery Systems
    • Custom Storage Containers
    • Boom Trailers & Accessories