PANTALONE Srl is a Company which operates in trading flanges, pipes, fittings, and valves.

Don Primo Mazzolari, 21 Zona Industriale Selvaiezzi, 66100 Chieti Scalo (CH), Italy
+(1) 234 567890 +(1) 234 567891

One of Italy’s best-stocked warehouses with over 55,000 items, all electronically coded to guarantee constant product traceability, as well as automatic re-stocking, ensuring a complete assortment of materials as always available for various sectors: from industrial plants to petrochemical, food to chemical/pharmaceutical, furnishings to nautical and paper, accident prevention to fire-fighting. Pantalone Ltd srl guarantees fast delivery of materials, and can supply 100% of items required in industrial and civilian plants.

1. Products:

Accessories for flanges
Pipe fittings BW
Forged fittings SW-THD-BW
The O-ring fittings and related pipes
Stainless steel frames and sheet
Metal treatment
Fittings for fuel and GPL
Pressure regulators and insulating joints
Fixing articles
Cast iron fittings
Polyetilene pipes and fittings
Fire prevention
Threaded stainless steel fittings
Stainless fittings chemical-food plants
Flue fittings and pipes
Sailing articles in stainless steel
Stainless modular systems for furnishing
Insulation and heat conservation
Safety and shipbuilding
Articles for welding