DongYang P&F provides state of the art solid handling systems of engineering, manufacturing and commissioning based on study.

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Since the establishment of company in 1996, the company has indicated new paradigms in the field of material handling system with the development of own technologies to become a leader in this field, and currently the company’s special skill and competitiveness acquired on the basis of developed technologies and know-how has been well acknowledged both in domestic and global market.

1. Pneumatic Conveying system

Low pressure high speed dilute method
High pressure low speed dense method
De-dusting system
Pilot test

2. Mechanical Conveying system

Ship unloading & cool stacking system
Dust suppression system
Crushing, stacking, and reclaiming system
Fly & bottom ash handling system
Limestone handling system
Crushing system

3. Air Pollution Control System

4. Factory Automation

Conveying system, AS/RS, Distribution center
Automotive welding, Assembly system
Packing & Palletizing system

5. Storage Silo & Blending Silo

6. IT Equipment

Clean Conveyer, OHS, OHT, EMS
Bonder, Laminator
Inspection measuring equipment

7. Global After Service