Since more than 30 years CEBA plays a key role in the combustion field in particular design and construction of heating equipment for several applications. 

Via Matteotti, 117 - 24069 - Trescore Balneario (BG), Italy

Since over 25 years CEBA has specialized in engineering and manufacturing of heating equipment for several industrial activities as for instance Iron & Steel industry, Oil & Gas, aluminum foundry, glass and mineral wools production. Throughout the years CEBA has become a key supplier for design, manufacture, erection, and commissioning of new equipment, as well as maintenance and revamping of existing process facilities. The high qualified engineers survey the best and ultimate solutions in terms of minimization of gas emissions and, at the same time, reduction of specific energy required for each process with the aim to ensure the lowest energy consumption and reduce the losses.

1. Iron & Steel

Vertical ladle preheating and drying stations
Horizontal ladle preheating and drying stations

2. Oil & Gas

Ultra-low NOx burners
Low NOx burners
Diffusion burners
Radiant wall burners
Upgrade of existing burners
After sales – spares, assistance and training

3. Glass Industry

Flat glass tempering lines

4. Environment

Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO)

5. Aluminum

Melting and heat holding furnaces

6. Special Burners