Whether your needs call for custom-designed or standard flares, enclosed combustors, thermal oxidizers, or vapor recovery units (VRUs), you can rely on us for the best solutions & support.

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We design and manufacture a broad portfolio of reliable, high quality gas and vapor handling products for critical emission control applications in the oil and gas industry. We provide cost effective solutions and services, enabling our customers to operate safely, protect the environment, hence creating a cleaner planet.

1. Flare Systems

Custom Flares and VCUs for Onshore & Offshore
Standard Flares for O&G Production
Ignition Systems & Pilots
Combustion Equipment Accessories
Elevated Flares and Enclosed Ground Flares for the Biogas Industry

2. Enclosed Combustion Systems

Thermal Oxidization/Incineration Systems
Ultra-Low Emissions Systems
Enclosed Vapor Combustion Systems

3. Gas Compression & Vapor Recovery Systems

Carbon Bed Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)
Marine Vapor Recovery Unit (MVRU)
Upstream and Midstream Oil & Gas Vapor Recovery Unit (VRUs)
WILDCAT Wellhead Compression Unit
Retail Gasoline Station Recovery Unit
Oxygen Removal with Air Defender

4. Global Services & Spares

Environmental Emissions Testing
Local Service & Maintenance
Engineering Services
Rental Equipment
Spare Parts
Flare Tip Retrofit Services